Use less plastic, more reusable bags

Billions of plastic bags end up in the oceans and landfills each year.  Plastic will impact wildlife and our environment for decades.

But there is something very simple that we can all do as individuals. Use reusable bags.

The next time you go to a store and make a purchase just notice how many plastic bags are being distributed. If all those people had brought their own reusable bags just think of what a difference that could make.

I know that sometimes we forget to bring the bags with us. An easy solution is to use the bags that fold up easily and can be stored in your purse or in your car.

For example I use bags as in the image above which is the Envirosax Planet Green Pouch.

They roll up easily and stay together with a snap. They also fit double the volume of regular plastic grocery bags.

Stop Throwing Your Money & Your Bags Away – Chico Bags as low as $5.25!

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