It’s time to start using your gifts

Salvadore Dali clock

There is a spiritual awakening happening and many of us are being “called” to use our gifts and talents to help heal the world.

Just look at the increase in information about alternative medicine, the benefits of meditation and energy healing and you will see that the world is changing.

Although these things have been around since the beginning of time we are just becoming more conscious of them.

What are you being called to do?  If you are feeling restless to do something else it may be time to do just that.

Ready to hit the beach?

Have you noticed that when people walk the beach they are mostly looking down, looking for shells to collect or treasures they may find. I find myself doing this too but then I realize how much I am missing by not looking up and out into the water. I could miss a dolphin, a stingray or even a manatee.  The ocean and the sky also change and I could miss a really cool cloud formation. So I try to look up as much as possible.

I am trying to walk the beach more often now because I am so thankful for living so close to this natural beauty. Walking in nature will clear your mind – it is a vacation for your body, mind and spirit.

Feeling the earth and sand beneath your feet is very grounding, although not always practical. Just step over the stones, shells and sea creatures and you will be fine!

If you want some info about Florida beaches check out this Florida beach guide.




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Your Life is the Product of Many Choices

How do you create the life you want?  What gives us the power to manifest our desires? Why do our lives vary so much?  Why do some people overcome adversity and others give up?

It all comes down to the choices we make.

Today you can choose to change your life.

Stop the negative thinking scrolling in your mind. Then decide on one step of action.

Rinse and repeat.

It takes discipline and perseverance. But it all comes down to you having to make that choice.

What choices will you make today?

Take a Break From Reality

Once in awhile it is nice to take a vacation from current events.  Taking a break from watching the news and checking your emails every day can open up a whole new world, and is a great way to recharge the mind, body and soul.

I  just came back from a week-long dance camp where a couple of hundred people took dance lessons all day and danced together all night. There was no time to go on the internet or watch TV (at least for me).

The only entertainment was the company of each other. It is so refreshing to see how talented we humans can be in communicating with each other when we are brought together with nothing but our voices, our bodies and our hearts.  For many people it is a lost art, while text messaging and social media replaces human interaction.

Taking a break from your everyday schedule can give you new perspectives, new ideas and expand your consciousness on many levels, whether you become more confident, overcome fears or learn what your body is capable of (like I learned that I could do much more with very little sleep.)

When you take your break you may discover new things you like or would like to do or hear things that really resonate with you.

One of the instructors at the camp said something very enlightening and I made it a point to remember it.  In order to convey the concept of dancing with a partner she said “don’t try to make it happen, instead be prepared to allow it to happen.”  I immediately recognized this as the spiritual principle of attraction and manifestation. Whenever we try too hard we are pushing it away, but when we are ready for something we do not have to put anymore effort into making it happen, all we have to do is allow the Universe to line up the events to make it appear in your life.

Allow yourself to take a break from reality and see what magic happens for you.


How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online Now!

Ebook blogging for your business

ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business

Everyday I feel so blessed that I have created a way of life where I can earn money online, working for myself and in fact working very little.

My husband (who was my inspiration for earning income online) is also enjoying a life of freedom with no bosses, no suit and ties and no driving to an office everyday.

It also baffles me that more people do not make an effort to do this, especially since it is so competitive to find a traditional job nowadays. I have tried to get a few friends started blogging by sharing what I learn and sitting down with them to teach them how to do this. Most of them give up too early. Yes there is a learning curve. But the results are very much worth it.

I also think that learning to write a blog and monetize it to earn income should be a self-learning process. When you teach yourself to do something you will be imprinting this lesson in your mind much more than if you relied on another person to show you how to do it.

Like I said, my husband inspired me to do this but I did all my own research and figured out how to do this. Now I have a few blogs and websites and, while I am not rich (yet), I can make a living.

So how do you get started if you want to start your own blog and start making money?

One thing I advise against is finding a book in a store or a library. Why? Because the information is already outdated by the time it gets to the bookstore. So the internet is the very best place to find your most updated information. If you take the time to do it, you can find everything you need to know already published on the internet, either via articles or video. Yes, it takes time and patience. E-books are probably offer the most current information so look for those that are published at least in the current year.

Here is an e-book that is very recently published (as of this week) by ProBlogger, Darren Rowse. It is ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business. It is 143 pages and offers topics the beginning blogger needs to know such as getting started with blogging, installing WordPress and publishing your first blogpost.

I recommend this author because I have used one of his other ebooks, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, and I find that he is a successful, reputable blogger.

ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business-

Download E-Book Now!

Oprah’s finale show message: are you worthy?


pink rose on beach

Last week marked the last of Oprah’s 25-year run of her network show.

If you watched her show then you know she interviewed hundreds if not thousands of people representing almost every situation a person can experience in their lives from the traumatic and damaging to success and power.

Oprah said that she realized that all of these people in their various situations had a common thread, and that was “feeling worthy.”

Feeling that you are worthy and deserving of success, prosperity, love and happiness is the key to manifesting anything you want. But how does this work?

If you feel worthy then you have no limiting beliefs.

If you feel worthy you have nothing standing in your way.

If you feel worthy you can easily spot the good and leave the bad outside your path.

If you feel worthy you are aligned with your purpose.

If you feel worthy your life can be a vacation!

If you feel worthy….what else results when you feel worthy?

It’s too bad Oprah left her show because people will miss their daily inspirational fix.  However, you can still see her on the OWN network on cable.


Why I Can’t Wait to Wake Up Each Morning

ocean view, coffee cup on balcony

I am a person who loves to sleep. To go into a deep, relaxing unconscious state really appeals to me.

But when the night starts to turn into day I find myself getting out of bed early.

It wasn’t always like this. It started when I created a nice little outdoor sanctuary facing our front garden.

It didn’t take much.  Just some comfortable, inviting chairs, a small table, some plants and garden decorations.

Now when I wake up I can’t wait to go to the front window and slide the curtains away, letting the sunlight stream in over my indoor plants.

I can’t wait to make my favorite cup of tea and sit outside, feeling a nice breeze and having the luxury of not having to rush off anywhere.

I can’t wait to watch the variety of birds and butterflies that are doing their morning routines. Sparrow, bluejays, cardinals and an occasional woodpecker. Crows flying around with mockingbirds chasing them at their tails.

I can’t wait to meditate on my prosperity plan and know that I have started my day with positive thoughts.

I take a moment to realize how blessed I am to be able to do this, to take time to appreciate, and be able to live my life as if it were a vacation!

Creating a space where you can contemplate, relax and be close to nature is a great way to nurture the body, mind and spirit.  If you are looking for answers to anything in life, this is a great way to start.




The 40-Day Prosperity Plan


Here is a simple little plan you can do to reprogram your mind to receive more abundance into your life.

The 40-Day Prosperity Plan was created by John Randolph Price and is explained in his book appropriately called, The Abundance Book.

There are 10 statements that are to be read or written out, one each day. You repeat the list four times for a total of 40 days.

You are to do this continuously for 40 days, and if you forget a day you have to start over.

The purpose is to keep the mind continuously building a prosperity consciousness.

I found an effective way to do this for myself. I joined a private Facebook group that is specifically for people who want to follow this plan together. A starting date is selected and then you are on your own. The statements are posted in the Facebook group each day and comments to support others is welcome. It is a nice way to sort of trick yourself into being accountable for sticking to the plan.

Each morning I start my day by writing the statement of the day in a journal. Then I contemplate it and write any thoughts that come to mind. It is interesting to see the progression of my thoughts week to week. My thoughts about the statement on the fourth week were much stronger than my interpretation of the statement on the first week.

I am on day 31 and have not missed a day yet. Has it made a difference in my life? I think it is slowly increasing my understanding that there is an infinite amount of abundance available to me if I allow it into my life, that I have an inner power to draw to me all things I need and desire, and that rather than looking at my job, other people or any circumstances outside of myself as the source of my prosperity, I need only let go and let the higher consciousness bring it to me.

To start the plan get the full instructions in The Abundance Book. You can then do it on your own, or try starting your own Facebook group and invite your friends to join in with you.

Meditations to help you relax, heal and open to Divine guidance

buddha meditation

Image: Arvind Balaraman /

Sometimes it’s nice to just relax in bed with your iPod and surrender everything to a higher power.

Not knowing exactly what I would get, I was drawn to purchase Meditations For Receiving Divine Guidance, Support, and Healing 2-CD by spiritual teacher, Sonia Choquette.

I was pleasantly satisfied that it was a good choice. These meditations are very relaxing and it will help you fall asleep if that is what you would like to use them for. Sonia’s voice along with the simple background music is practically hypnotic.

Meditation is meant to be an exercise done in the awake state but if you fall asleep to it you will still subconsciously reap the benefits.

If you enjoy meditations that guide you in healing with angels and spirit guides, plus you are looking for an audio recording that will de-stress you and make you totally relax, then you will enjoy this CD.

Meditations For Receiving Divine Guidance, Support, and Healing from

Use less plastic, more reusable bags

Billions of plastic bags end up in the oceans and landfills each year.  Plastic will impact wildlife and our environment for decades.

But there is something very simple that we can all do as individuals. Use reusable bags.

The next time you go to a store and make a purchase just notice how many plastic bags are being distributed. If all those people had brought their own reusable bags just think of what a difference that could make.

I know that sometimes we forget to bring the bags with us. An easy solution is to use the bags that fold up easily and can be stored in your purse or in your car.

For example I use bags as in the image above which is the Envirosax Planet Green Pouch.

They roll up easily and stay together with a snap. They also fit double the volume of regular plastic grocery bags.

Stop Throwing Your Money & Your Bags Away – Chico Bags as low as $5.25!

The Secret is Appreciation

woman smelling flowersImage: graur codrin /

Are you looking for love, more money or a fulfilling career?

Do your dreams feel hard to reach?

The key to it all is appreciation. The concept sounds simple. However,  if you are in a rut, have limiting beliefs and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel it may not seem so easy to do.

So what do you do?

Appreciate. Look for anything at all that you can appreciate about the situation you are trying to change.

You may have to really stretch yourself and reach for something you can appreciate about it.

For example, let’s say that you are unemployed. Your mind sees a bleak economy, lots of competition and you watch your money supply shrinking day by day.

This is the time to reach for something positive about this situation. Is there something good about being unemployed? Can you spend more time with your kids? Do you have time now to think about what you really want to do?

Direct your thoughts away from the negative, limiting beliefs and towards something you can appreciate about the situation.

When you do this something has to change. You don’t have to put any effort into thinking how to change your situation. Just put your effort into thinking appreciation.

Don’t give up. Drop the negativity and the skepticism. Stay focused on appreciation. I guarantee that things will change.

Have you changed anything in your life with appreciation?  I’d love to hear your life-changing thoughts in a comment below.

Money can be your best friend


Image: Salvatore Vuono /

Are you afraid to look at your bills? Does money create a sense of fear and lack in you? Do you feel out of control when it comes to your money management?

It does not have to be like this. Money can be one of your best friends.

Read More…

Help someone start a business with only $25

Kiva - loans that change lives
If you are the type of person who believes in tithing or are just looking for a veritable charity to give a contribution take a look at

When I think of giving charity I like to give back to things I believe in. One of them is entrepreneurship.

A one time contribution of $25 will help people start businesses. The money that Kiva receives is given as loans to mostly people in third world countries.

That means you actually get the money back. But leave your $25 in there and it will be used over and over. That’s one $25 that will go a long way.

A Fistful Of Dollars: The Story of a Loan from Kieran Ball on Vimeo.

The Joy of Making Your Own Schedule

I live near a tourist beach area and I know to avoid the beach on holidays. So Labor Day weekend I stayed in and did some work and relaxed.

No problem.

My life is a vacation everyday so I took a walk on the beach this morning. No crowds at all.

Making your own schedule is great if you love freedom. You can sleep when you are tired and eat when you are hungry. You can take a day off  if you are sick without worrying about sick days or losing your job. Vacation time is all determined by you alone.

If you make passive income you always have paid vacation time and paid days off.

So what kind of work can you do to create a life where you make your own schedule?

  • jobs where you have clients and offer services – you can schedule clients to however is convenient for you. You could even cancel if you really did not feel like working that day. Of course, you want to be responsible. But when you do work you love that is not an issue.
  • affiliate or internet marketing online – this is ideal for making your own schedule. The only drawback is that you may like it so much you won’t be able to tear yourself away from the computer.
  • use your talents, skills and passions to offer a product or service and work for yourself!

What other ways can you earn a living and make your own schedule?  I would love to hear from other entrepreneurs.

Bored? It’s time to make a change.

Image: graur razvan ionut /

Sometimes when your life is comfortable and everything is going along just fine you get bored.

When you stay in your comfort zone and do everything the same, your life stays the same. If your life feels dull it is a sign that you need to do something new.

Once I taught a stress management class and in my research I found that everyday stress is an asset to our growth. Why? Because without stress we would be bored. Stress is a catalyst that helps us reach out and make changes in our lives.

According to law of attraction guru, Abraham-Hicks, the challenges we face in life are called “contrasts.” A contrast in your life is similar to a challenge or some problem area in your life.

The contrast then forces you to seek out solutions and changes to make your life better. Without contrast there would be no change or evolution.

Thus we could look at the challenges and stresses in our lives as a good thing. They lead to change. They lead to new experiences.

If you have reached a lull in your life think of some things you can do to shake it up. Go back to school. Start a new exercise program. Begin a new hobby. Learn how to make money online.

When was the last time that deciding to do something new made you feel more alive?  Feel free to add your comments below.